Due diligence

Due diligence is at the very heart of many transactions and is a tedious and time-consuming examination of numerous documents — a process that often can be difficult to manage when multiple parties are involved. However, the traditional challenges usually faced by those performing due diligence, including document management and lack of transparency, have been significantly reduced as users switch from traditional physical data rooms to virtual data rooms.

Efficiency for your workflow

Whether due diligence is required as part of a fundraising campaign, real estate asset sale, or an M&A transaction, speed is the key success factor for viewing and managing documents for both the buy and sell sides of a transaction. Drooms Instant Access Technology was developed specifically for this purpose and can help increase the likelihood of closing by helping speed up the process.

Structure your process

A virtual data room should not just be a communication platform used to securely exchange confidential documents – the software also should allow you to conduct your due diligence process in a structured and transparent manner. A proper virtual data room should include a clear and flexible index structure that supports document review workflows, a detailed rights management system including structured Q&A processes, and a reporting process that increases transparency and creates a clear audit trail.

International locations and dedicated customer service

Drooms is headquartered in Frankfurt with branch offices in London, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid and Zug. If you need technical support in structuring your data room, Drooms project managers are available exclusively for your project around the clock to help you with the configuration. Individual support is also available upon request in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Turkish.

The Drooms Q&A feature

Complex Q&A processes with varying types of activities and several approval levels can now be set up in a matter of minutes.

More than 25,000 businesses around the world use Drooms

Drooms aims to lead the future of secure digital data management and has received several prestigious awards: